Friday, October 28, 2011


I like Darko Domijan's work.  He is almost always cool. Ulica Jorgovana is one of his best.  I like it.  The way I hear the song the lilac he is looking for on Lilac Street is his very own lady, so yes of course, this is another one for CJ who is my lilac on Lilac Street.

Darko Domijan, born 5 February 1953 in Karlovac, is pop singer who was most popular in the 1970s and 1980s. 

In Karlovac, where he grew up,  Domijan attended the school of music where he studied the cello.    In 1972 he entered the school of music in Zagreb.   His first recording "Marija" was released in 1973 and a year later came "Ulica Jorgovana" which catapulted him into the charts.   Domijan's "Ruže u snijegu" in 1983 sold over 250,000 copies making him one of the most succesful singers in the former Jugoslavia.  In 1988 he released the album "Čuvam te anđele"  and in 2001 "Sve najbolje."   He appears occaisionally these days but his main concern has been his law firm in Zagreb.


Plavi veo,
zlatna žica,
nježan vjetar,
mnogo ptica,
raspukla se svaka grana
nad ulicom jorgovana.

Odsjaj jutra,
rosa blista,
cvijet do cvijeta,
list do lista,
pčela sanja bijeli vijenac
dubok kao gorski zdenac.

Jedna klupa, tiha luka,
tvoje usne, moja ruka,
opet bukti ona vatra
zgasla davno ispod hrasta...

Gori zemlja, gori kamen,
sunce ugljen, nebo plamen,
to u sjenci lome krila
zaljubljena dva leptira.

Plavi veo,
zlatna žica,
njezan vjetar,
mnogo ptica,
raspukla se svaka grana
nad ulicom jorgovana.

on english:
Blue Veil,
gold wire,
a gentle wind,
many birds,
cracked every branch
the street of lilac.

Reflection of the morning,
dew glistens,
flower to flower,
list to the list,
bee dreams of a white wreath
deep as the mountain well.

A bench, a quiet port,
Your lips, my hand,
Again it is a fire rages
zgasla long under the oak tree ...

high country, burning rock,
Coal sun, sky fire,
to break in the shadow of the wings
two butterflies in love

Blue Veil,
gold wire,
gentle wind,
many birds,
cracked every branch
the street of lilac.

I always try to look around on YouTube before I do a video.  I really don't want to step on the toes of any of my friends.  I  value all of you.   Its getting harder and harder to be sure about this but I do  try to  be careful.  Sometimes that means I have to do the less well known songs by a particular performer but that's quite alright too.  That challenges me to make the best video possible.  As far as I can find, the only one of my friends who has this song is Peugeot, who has Domijan singing live on stage.  If you want to see his live performance, go see Peugeot255, she has a wonderful video of this song on her channel.    Peugeot has been gracious and kind also to recieve this little video as a "video response to hers for which I am thankful.  You can look here for my interpretation of Ulica Jorgovana:

Embrace the finches!
Happy misdeeds!

Canovals a.k.a. Slavonac


  1. good. but music for Lilac street is by Ray Ruic, and poem is by Ivan Glisic...

    1. ah yes!! and I understand there is a quiet "joke" about this song as well ... that in Bjelovar where it was all being put together - there were at that time no jorgovana to be seen. Thank you for the reminder about the composer and writer. These geniouses should not be forgotten.