Welcome! Dobrodošli!

Dobrodošli!  Bienvenidos!  Welcome!

The music and poetry of Croatia is a living vital group of art forms.  So is the music of all of the people along the Balkans and Carpathians. In Croatia, Narodna - folk music, is music of the people, music of the heart, music of life. As the time comes we will spend some time discussing many of the traditional forms of music such as ganga, tamburica, klapa and more.  There is also Zabavne - music for fun which includes a wide range of forms and styles all the way to rock-'n'-roll and beyond.  

Oh, and that's not all! Did you know Bach and Hyden were Croats?  Bet you didn't know that, but it's true.  Some of the music you will experience here might be pretty highbrow.  He he, you've listened to Balkan music all your life and did not realize that you were.  We will have some other surprises for you during our pilgrimage through the music.  Music from the Balkans especially, but from all over central and eastern Europe, has somewhat different flavors of similar styles according to local experiences and local preferences. Oh yes, we are all related, not the same, but related.

You might even find some Mexican music here too.   Hmmm that will need some discussion, won't it?   That's right, the music featured here will not all be Croatian, there will also be music from the whole region, and there will be some music from the Balkan and Carpathian diasapora too - for example, there will be some Teksikanski music featured as well. 

We have made some videos about some of this music. The names in capital letters in the archive are the names of the songs for which we have chosen.  Most of the discussion will be in English to make the material available to the widest audience possible (and shhhhh - don't tell anyone back Home, but there are more of us Croats in North America than in Europe and we use English a lot these days).   We are on a pilgrimage through the centuries and into corners of the world you may have never experienced before.

Come on in and have a good time with us.