Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Razismo - Racism

Everyone is opposed to racism, except, of course, avowed racists.  So the Mexicans complain that the Texas policeman is being racist when he asks for a "Brown" person to show his papers.  This gets a little funny when the policeman's name is something like Sanchez and he himself is "Brown."

No one seems to notice that this is working the other way around and always has.  I can not tell you how many times in my life that Mexican law enforcement has demanded to see my papers. Joe's girlfriend is an illegal immigrant and she has never been asked to show her papers.  Why has she not been required to show her papers?  She lives in Mexico and she is "Brown."  The Mexican authorities assume that because she is "Brown" she is Mexican. Racism?  You bet it is.

Speaking of that wench, if you are a woman, maybe you better just stay out of my way today.  I'm ticked off.  For those of you using Google Translator that does not mean there is an insect biting me today.  Nor does it have anything to do with the "ticking" in a mattress, or the tick tock of a clock.  It means I am jako grumpy upset and if you don't like it go stick a rubber hose up your nose or be really extra soft and sweet around me for a few days.  Ladies, you probably ought to be ticked off about that wench too.  She did all of you ladies a mighty diservice.

The wedding was set for 1600 today.  Alejandra called at 1530 to tell Joe the wedding was off.   Now understand this, she called on an American cell phone which is inoperative past el puente in Mexico.  She was on this side granica u Teksasu when she called.  In fact she was only a few blocks away. I didn't mention it, but this is the third time she has walked away from him at the Altar. 

So perhaps that was a wedding which shouldn't have happened anyway.  Da, istina, for sure true.  What can I say?

I think she wanted a nice boyfriend to pay her some attention.  He was a feather in her cap, an honest respectable gentle man, and a gentleman too, besides being a caballero, but she is unwilling to actually invest emotionally in their relationship.  Funny how so many women want a man to be faithful to them while they don't invest themselves and their emotions with him. Those are dangerous games ladies.  It will work for awhile, but there are limits. Yes, its even worse if you lie to the fellow "oh I love you!  Yes, I'll marry you! blah blah blah blah blah blah."  Its almost funny how the woman almost always acts betrayed and disappointed when the man wanders on. 

I suppose there are plenty of men who do  the same thing.  Jebote kopilad! Kuja! Shame on all of you. You make it awfully hard on the men and women who just want to love and be loved. May your mothers walk backwards blindfolded in the dark, knee deep in slimy mud along the riverbank looking for you for eternity. 

Joe told her "since you can't commit and you cannot keep your commitment you have to understand that the first woman who shows interest in me will get a piece of my action and you have nothing to say about it." 

I'm probably in trouble enough for writing this much so I'll shut my yap now.  No I don't think any one is going to like what I've just written so don't feel obligated to "like" it.  In case you are wondering - yes I'm weeping my heart out for my friend today.  This should not have happened to such a decent man as my friend Joe. 

do sljedeći put, blagoslov - until next time, blessings,
Canovals a.k.a. Slavonac
12 Listopad 2011


  1. I am angry along with you. She will be known as "that woman" evermore. She will never be a lady and that is important. Let's find Joe a lady. He deserves one!

  2. hvala ti puno!!! we will make this a quest now to find decent lady for Joe, yes!