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PENSAN SE - Gustafi

Rumors have been flying everywhere over the weekend. 

The first rumor concerns the reported break in Canoval's "zero nudity" and "minimum skin" policies in his videos.  There's no mistake. At thirty-five seconds into this video,  the woman's clothes are all on top of the post by the water trough in the middle of the pasture.  You know there's not a stitch of clothing on her body other than her hat. She is stretched out in the cool water relaxing her body on a hot summer's day.

Yes, my dear fans, in order to keep up with the fashion of the times on YouTube, I have finally relented and given you FULL nudity.  Well ok, full shoulder nudity - from behind, but it's still bare skin - that's what you wanted, wasn't it?

Guys, I know that as you watch this video, your heart begins to beat faster and faster and you begin to pant as you rise on tiptoe to peer over the edge of the water trough as it races toward your eyes.  Suddenly you realize the  horse is the only one who can see more than her naked shoulders and her naked blonde hair cascading from under her hat. 

The black cat all covered with suds is bathing with her and you see his eyes nearly pop out.  Next you see his feet as he passes out.  He couldn't handle it.  The vision of all that beauty was just too much for him. Poor cat.  All he has been able to do for days now is stutter:  "Mi mi mi mi mi mi auuuuuuu!, mi mi mi mi mi auuuuuuuuu!, mi mi mi mi mi auuuuuu!"   He shakes and trembles when he does this too.

People have been asking me is this CJ in the water trough?  What do you want me to tell you? CJ reads this too you know.  If I say it isn't her, then I'll probably get "What's the matter with you?  Aren't you proud of me? I'm not pretty enough for you or what?"  If I tell you it is her then she will probably say "I knew it!  There you go smearing my photos all over the internet!"  Oh Jeez meneez! I'm a dead man!  I care about CJ more than I know how to say and I may be about to share the fate of so many men who have posted a photo of their lady on the internet.  Until she kills me, enjoy her bare naked shoulders.  That's all you are ever going to see. Look quick!  That's all I'm going to say about this.  Subject closed.

On to Gustafi: 

I love their beat, I love their style, I love their music, but, sigh, they are a bit rowdy sometimes.  How do you handle a song whose word's are  "F*** me baby, F*** me baby, F*** me tonight?"  In my case, you simply do not, but they have several really nice romantic songs as well. A lot of their songs are simple fun. "Pensan Se" was a lot of fun.

This is Gustafi according to Gustafi's "Band Profile" on Facebook.
Hometown: Kanfanar, HR
Genres: Rock
Members: Edi Maruzin, Vlado Maruzin, Cedo Mosnja, Boris Mohoric, Edin Pecman, Barbara Munjas, Dino Kalcic, Romano Hantih, Nikola Bernobic, Alen Bernobic, Vlado Ikac
The group Gustafi was formed in December 1980. in a small town, in Istria (Croatia), Vodnjan. An amateur theater group named "Gustaph y njegovi dobri duhovi" (Gustaph and his good spirits) held their first performance on 27th Decembar 1980. That performance was ment to be their only performance, but that's the mysterious ways of the Lord - band is still here and it works flawlessly. Members Čedomir Mošnja, Vlado Maružin and Edi Maružin are playing together for over 30 years. They have ten albums, and soon the eleventh and over 2,000 performances.

The two remaining initial members Livio Morosin and Igor Arih leave the band, Igor remains a subcontractor, and since then big number of musicians walked t[h]rough the band. At the beginning experimental punk rock influences later replaced by the Istrian folk music, as well as other world ethno scene from which it has created a distinctive sound Gustafi at which they were now known. A mixture of everything that they listened and heard (from blues, country music, texmex, cajun, Celtic music, traditional Balkan music, russian and ukraine music to orthodox Istrian songs) have created an infectious sublimate to persuade people wherever they come... from Portugal, Spain, Switzerland to Israel and Brazil. Full of rhythm, and positive emotions they have created friends and fans everywhere.

They play everywhere, from weddings and inns, taverns, bars, clubs, to major concerts and sports halls and festivals all over the country, and increasingly in Europe. Much beloved by critics, the last studio album "Chupacabra" on which they make a major shift towards the roots, with lots of experimental sounds, found sound, computers, have released the 2009th year and by critics, it is one of the best if not the best album of Gustafi. Album "FF" which was recorded 2006th won the "Porin" for best rock album. Soon will be released next album.

Current members, make Edi Maružin, texts and music, singer and guitarist, Vlado Maružin - guitar, Cedomir Mošnja - drums, Barbara Munjas - vocals, Dino Kalčić - bass, Boris Mohorić - trumpet and vocals, Nikola Bernobić-trumpet, Alen Bernobić-trumpet, Edin Pecman - keyboards and accordion, and Romano hantih - tuba. We look forward to moving into new campaigns, music... Always full of energy and dance, we're looking forward to every gig popular[l]y called "Štala".

General Manager:ourselves

Artists We Also Like:  Los Lobos, Pere Ubu, Manu Chao, Dr. Feelgood, Marc Ribot, John Zorn, Nortec Collective, Latin Playboys, Amy Winehouse, Calexico, Bob Dylan, John Lee Hooker, Coco Rosies. ....

Influences: All kind of music we hear y tu mama tambien

Band Interests: Playing gigs including sex, drugs & rock'n'roll (this means that we must make money playing our music )

Press Contact gsm:00385 98 214094      
Booking Agent:  Edi Maruzin

Tekst for "Pensan Se"
Pensan se ovi dan ki je kurac oven svitu
Kamo greom i do kada će durati
Daj mi ovo, daj mi ono
Daj mi kunu, daj mi krunu
Znaju samo me pitati

Daj mi dim, daj cigaru
Daj me smiri, daj mi sviri
Daj mi savjet kako umriti
Armando, Armando, daj mi piti
Ne rabi ti valja platiti

Daj mi biru, daj mi griz
Daj mi liz i ljubav, daj mi cice
Ma sve ću ja van dati
Samo mi ga zvadite z guzice
Daj, daj, daj!!!

Na ti! Na ti! I nemoj me
više nikad niš pitati
Na ti! Na ti! I nemoj mi
više nanke blizu stati!

tekst on english:  This is Istrian, rock, and Gustafian so who the heck knows exactly what the words say on engleski - does in matter?  Bee bop a loo ah!

These day s the hell oven svitu
  Greom Where and when will Durata
  Give me this, give me what
  Give me a dollar, give me the crown
  They know just ask me

 Give me a smoke, give a cigar
  Let me calm down, give me to play
  Give me advice on how to die
  Armando, Armando, give me a drink
  Do not use you must pay

 Biru Give me, give me a bite
  Give me liz and love, give me breasts
  Oh I will I give out
  Just give it zvadite z asses
  Give, give, give!

 For you! For you! I do not say
  never ask nothing
  For you! For you! And do we
 nanke more close fit!

PENSAN SE - Gustafi

Embrace the finches!! happy misdeeds!

Canovals a.k.a Slavonac
24 Listopad 2011

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