Thursday, October 20, 2011

Embrace the finches!

So, here we are writing on engleski.  For why we are doing this?  Is because we have so many friends and everyone is speaking on different jezik.  Engleski maybe is only language we all have together unless everyone is speaking on "old slavonik."   Do you speak on "old slavonik?"  Me also I do not speak "old slavonik."  So then, engleski is jezik we are using here.   Ok ok, maybe sometimes a little teksikanski slips in here also. 

Some of you are using Google Translate to keep up what I am saying here.  You do not know how much I appreciate the fact that you go to so much trouble just to read what I say.  Thank you.  Hvala ti.  Muchas gracias ... 

Please do be careful how you use Google translate!  Last Sunday morning as I am leaving the house to go in church I write someplace to CJ:

"Dobro jutro!! Sretna Nedjelja!  Zagrljaj za tebe!"

When I return, this is the message I see:
"Google translation
11:10 AM 
Good morning! how are you? happy misdeeds! Embrace the finches
11:11 AM 
And so I say, right back atcha! Happy misdeeds (on Sunday no less) and embrace the finches! hahahaha"

Embrace the finches!  Did you ever try to catch a finch so you could embrace it?   Did you ever wish your lady friend "happy misdeeds?" And on Sunday! Oh dear! Oh dear!  Be careful with Google, it might say something we do not intend to say.  Sometimes it can  be funny ...

Dear friends, embrace the finches
and until we meet again

happy misdeeds!

Canovals a.k.a Slavonac
20 Listopad 2011


  1. Google translate comes up with such imaginative stuff. Have you ever tried to translate the Lord's Prayer from Croatian to English. It tells me I must address "Our Feathers" New name for the Guy upstairs. Didn't know I was supposed to call him that!

  2. "Our Feathers, which art in heaven" oh dear!! oh dear!! Somehow sounds like addressing an Indian Chief.

  3. dobra stvar umjetnice,dobri prevodi,dobra muzika,sve je ovdje kod tebe romantika.