Monday, October 24, 2011


The duo Václav a Eva Ševčíkovi are successful Czech musical performers whose repertoire consists largely of older music including dechovka, folk, country, pop, and so forth which have long been popular among Czechs.  Besides their own compositions, they also sing Christmas Carols and music from Croatia. 

Václav was born 6 December 1953 in Brno. At the present they live in Blansko about 19 miles north of Brno.  There one may find a statue commemorating the Battle of Zborov on 2 July 1917 in which the Czech Legions appeared for the first time. I once lived in a Texas town named for this town in Moravia.  Blanco, Texas is not named for the Spanish word "white", as some people suppose,  but after Blansko from which its founders came to Texas.  I have fond memories of the town.  Kind of makes Václav and Eva  seem a bit like vicarious kids from my own backyard.

Eva and Vasek's CD "Jadranska," which they sang with Inga was released in 2003.  Some critics accuse the couple of low musical and artistic quality but their fans and their financial success tells altogether a different story.

Krásné s tebou žít (Life with you is beautiful) is a romantic song based on "Vela Luka" made famous by Oliver Dragojević who was himself a native of Vela Luka.  One place on the internet bills Vela Luka as the town made famous by the romantic song.  "Vela Luka" is actually based on a song by Ahlert, "Where the blue of the night meets the gold of the day," made famous by Bing Crosby (whose wife was native to West Columbia, Texas which is where the Conoco Phillips refinery at Sweeny isn't).  Ahlert's song in turn was based on "Amenecer glorioso" (Glorious Morning)  an earlier work by C.A. Blackstone who between the mid 1800's to the mid 1900s.  In any of the forms which the song has taken it has remained beautiful and romantic. 

All day today I have been feeling a romantic glow light all around and so here for you is a touch of my feelings.

Embrace the finches!! happy misdeeds!
Canovals a.k.a Slavonac
24 Listopad 2011

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