Thursday, October 27, 2011


I awakened this morning long before the Danica opened the gates of the Dažbog's palace so it was still dark dark dark outside.   CJ was not awake and so I prepared my coffee in silence and came to the computer to continue to reply to the comments on Eva and Vašek's "Krásné s tebou".  There were rather a lot of them so it was going to take a while.

I soon realized that the comments and thus my responses were going to be in about fifteen different languages.  Someday we Slavs really need to think about developing a language in common among us besides english, but ... we are the way we are.  A lot of folks in the West don't understand that we pretty much have a new language every fifty miles and its still really all some kind of Slavic somehow.  So I was faced with about fifteen languages including portuguese, spanish, and english.  There were a couple of comments which I could read and respond to but I would really be hard pressed to tell you what language in which those were actually written - they were some sort of south Slavic I think, but who knows what.

So.  I began to work.  Its a work of joy for me.  I love all my fans where ever you are from.  You are all a bunch of really nice people who encourage one another and who try to build up and support one another.  We are an international community the way an international community should be - a community filled with love for one another.  Hmmm, Jesus said something about that somewhere ... It is true that there are some ancient hurts here and there.  I've written about some of those.  While these are real matters which aren't going away soon, my final word on everything is "glazba, ne rat."  Music, not war.

Anyway, I began to work.  But soon I realized I wasn't accomplishing much.  The silence was over bearing.  CJ was sound asleep and I didn't want to disturb her.  But the silence was crushing.  I wanted to hear her voice.  I needed to hear her voice.  I longed to hear her voice.  "Scházíš mi lásko" came to mind.  I found it in my collection of music and began to see the slikopsis that need to accompany it.

There are a few of the photos perhaps I should explain.  The first picture you encounter - the sun rising over the field of flowers could be almost anywhere in the polje south of Blanco, Texas in the springtime.  The second picture with the gate and the sunrise could easily have been the gate to our little house in Blanco in the 1950's.  The road leading away from the viewer is very much like some of the roads in the hills in that region when I was a child. 

The next picture I stole outright from Sylvester, whom, ummm some of you know on YouTube and on Facebook.  The man is an amazing photographer.  His shot of the creek looks amazingly like a creek I once played near in the Blanco area.  The very next picture is from the Blanco river near Wimberly Texas, another place I fished and hung around as a young person.  The photo following that one was taken near Blansko in Moravia.  If you begin comparing the terrain, you see that the locations are very similar.  Both are on karst containing a lot of caves. Where the deer came from is a mystery but there were plenty in the Blanco area all the time.  The butterfly creatures are Balkan/Carpathian pure and simple.

After the two cuddling  birds the landscapes alternate between Blanco and Blansko until you get to the house which is the Blanco area.  The interior view of the house I believe is from Blansko.  The church could either be the baptist church as I remember it in Blanco or the Catholic church in Blansko, Moravia, take your pick.  They both look pretty much alike. 

We talked about why I would make these particular choices for a video by Eva and Vašek last time.  The little Texas town has its roots both in Moravia and in Slovenia with a few Surf's Up Indians thrown in for good measure.  By the time I came along, most of the young people with boys in the second grade were anglos so I was the lone mohican if you will.  That had its drawbacks, and that had its special pleasures too, which I have previously talked about. 

So as it happens, a man who was longing for his dear while she slept, prepared a song which expresses deep longing.  In fact, it was just about ready when CJ awakened this morning.

The tekst on Czech is:
Jak ránem procitám a probouzí mě chlad
mé srdce je zlomené,tak prázdné se zdá.
Jak dlouho budem každý sám,proč kapek deště ptát se mám
jak dlouho tě nespatřím, ptám se jich, ptám.

Scházíš mi lásko čím dál víc,smutek můj je bez hranic.
věčně živý v mých vzpomínkách zůstaneš.
Scházíš mi lásko čím dál víc,smutek můj je bez hranic.
Slzami se ptám jak moc ti scházím já.
Na polštář stékají, mé soužení však nezmění.

Večer se tvé fotky ptám,když v slzách usínám
proč mám strach zase ráno vstát
kdy tě spatřím se ptám

my interpretation on english is approximately:
As I awaken in the cool of the morning
 My heart is aching, it seems so empty.
 How long all of us like this, why drops of rain I ask
 how long you I not see, I ask them, I ask.

 Miss you my love more and more, my longing is boundless.
 forever alive in my thinking remain.
 Miss you love you more and more, my longing is boundless.
 Tears, I ask how many tears I meet
 Run down on the pillow, my but does not change my pain

 In the evening, I ask your photos when I fall asleep in tears
 But why should I fear in the morning to get up again
 when you want to see me

So, now you know what was on my mind when I did this video:

Embrace the finches!
Happy misdeeds!

Canovals a.k.a. Slavonac


  1. This song is very nice!
    Thank you that sometimes you visit my blog...greetings :)

  2. thank you dear friend, you have very nice poetry on your blog so I like to come read what you put there!