Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ti Si Moja Ljubav Jedina - Ivica Pepelko

You are my only love - Ti si moja ljubav jedina

for Teryne, my only love

According to the Croatian Composers Society (Hrvatsko Drušvo Skladatlja) Ivica Pepelko was born in Slavonia. In his youth he lived in Budinščina and Konjščina, and later in Varazdin before he relocated to the Zagorje. He is an economist who has spent his whole life dedicated to promotion of Kajkav music which is under represented in cultural and social events.

Kajkavian, kajkavščina, is distinguished from Štokavian, the "standard" Croatian speech by, among other features, the habitual choice of "kaj" rather than "što" for "what." Kajkavian is mainly spoken in northern and northwestern Croatia. The major cities in northern Croatia are located in what was historically a Kajkavian-speaking area, mainly Zagreb, Koprivnica, Krapina, Križevci, Varaždin, Čakovec. The typical archaic Kajkavian is today spoken mainly in Hrvatsko Zagorje hills and Međimurje plain, and in adjacent areas of northwestern Croatia where immigrants and the Štokavian standard had much less influence. Kajkavščina may also be heard in the Burgenland and other places.

Pepelko has written the music and lyrics for more than four hundred songs, most of them published. He has received numerous awards for his efforts.

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