Saturday, September 24, 2016

Serenada - Oliver Dragojević

as pigeons, suckling kissing

Another wonderful but forlorn Kalegojera - Runjić love song performed by Oliver Dragojević

Stipica Kalogjera is married to singer Maruska Šinković. At last notice they are still living in Zagreb. Stipica began his musical training at age 6 on the Violin. A prolific composer and arranger, he was won several Porin awards together with Arsen Dedić and a lifetime achievement Porin on his own.

Although Zdenko Runjić was born in Slavonski Brod many of his songs were inspired by the folk traditions of Dalmatia. Many of his songs have become classics in the Croatian tradition. He wrote more than two hundred songs just for Oliver Dragojević as well as others performed by other singers.

the english (approximately)

and yes I sunk the boat on the quay
yes I never like it
that always will be dear the happines
as pigeons suckling, kissing

but now another loves those wonderful eyes of yours
and I've lost my only treasure
about love, that unhappiness, you took my heart
La la la la la .............

and that would extinguish the fire
that never you would leave me
that always be dear the happiness
as pigeons, suckling kissing

Jugoton ‎– SY 24220 1987
Vinyl, 7, Single
Side B (Side A: Žuto Lišće Ljubavi)
Arranged By – Stipica Kalogjera
Written-By – Zdenko Runjić

Croatian text:
I da bi brod na rivu ja potopi
Da nikada me nećeš ti zavolit.
Da uvik ćemo draga sritni biti,
Kao golubovi šesne se ljubiti.

Al sada drugi ljubi te divne oči tvoje.
A ja sam te izgubi, jedino zlato moje,
O ljubavi, ti nesritna, ča srce si mi uzela.
La la la la la .......

I da bi ruku ja u vatru stavi
Da nikada me nećeš ti ostavit.
Da uvik ćemo draga sritni biti,
Kao golubovi šesne se ljubiti.

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