Friday, September 16, 2016

Blue Bells of Scotland - Arthur Pryor

The Bluebells of Scotland is the usual modern name for a Scottish folk song (Roud # 13849). It was written by Dora Jordan, an English actress and writer. First published in 1801.

Joseph Haydn wrote a piano trio accompaniment for this song (Hob. XXXIa: 176).

The version usually called "Blue Bells of Scotland" was arranged by Arthur Pryor around 1899 for trombone with accompaniment. Often played with a piano or concert/military band, but also with orchestra or brass band.

According to Wikipedia, Pryor's version is technically challenging and allows the soloist to show off a flowing legato while, in different places, requiring some difficult jumps. The sheer speed and volume of notes also poses a significant challenge. It is in theme and variation form, and opens with a cadenza-like introduction. After the theme, it moves to the allegro section, in which the variations begin. Variation one involves triplets, while variation two involves syncopated sixteenth-eighth note rhythms. The cadenza that follows demonstrates the performer's range; jumping about three and a half octaves from high C to pedal A flat and G, for example. The vivace finale brings all these techniques into one, requiring the trombonist to exhibit advanced range, legato, double tonguing and flexibility.

The words are sometimes given as:
Oh, where, and oh, where is my highland laddie gone,
Oh, where, and oh, where is my highland laddie gone,
He's gone to fight the French, for King George upon the throne,
And it's oh in my heart I wish him safe at home

The details:
Arthur Pryor
Blue Bells of Scotland, for Trombone and Band
Dennis Smith plays with W.W.S.S Wind Ensemble Wm Cole, Conductor, and with Martha Goldstein, organ
Music License: CCA - SA - 2
Visuals: Ben Robbins CCA - 3 unported
Vis Wikimedia
Carpet of Bluebells in Bucknell Woods, Whittlewood Forest, Abthorpe Parish, between Abthorpe and Silverstone in South Northamptonshire
and Michael Maggs
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do sljedeći put, blagoslov - until next time, blessings,
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