Friday, July 8, 2011

So, which language?

Koji jezik?  That's an important question. What language should we use in this blog? We want to communicate with a wide range of friends.  We could write on teksikanski but how many people do we know out here on the internet who speak on teksikanski?  A handful perhaps.  Should we write on spanish?    Same question - how many of our  YouTube friends read or write on spanish? Some, yes, but not so very many. So then, shall we write on croatian?  That might make sense because most of the songs we are dealing with are on croatian.   But then what do we do about our slovak, slovenian, serbian, czech, polish, bulgarian, makedonian, russian, french, italian, portuguese, and, yes, english speaking friends?

For now the primary language we shall use for posts will be english simply because its the one language most of us have in common.  That said, however, we are going to be hearing about poetry and songs mostly written on croatian because that's our focus here.  There will be some other languages as well, and we intend to publish the tekst of those poems and songs here so there will be a large amount of material in other languages besides english.  We will attempt to provide a translation of any of that material on english also.

So, that's settled for now.

do sljedeći put, blagoslov,

Canovals a.k.a. Slavonac

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