Monday, July 11, 2011

RECI SVOJOJ DJECI - Tell your children

RECI SVOJOJ DJECI  - "Tell your children" is here performed by Dynamic Bend.   As with  Ja Sam  Tvoja Sudbina, Reci Svojoj Djeci is part of the genre uspješnica or šlager.   Many thanks to the group for making much of their music freely available and for encouraging videos of their work.

Dynamic Bend is a group from Karlovac County in Croatia with a wide repertoire suitable for various venues but which prefer to be known as a wedding band equiped to play for 400-600 and even more intimate settings.

The group consists of six members.  As of 2011 they are Dražen Rataić on the  harmonika (accordian)and on the klavijature (keyboard),

Sanda Halovanić vocalist,
                                                       Miroslav Mikšić na bas gitara,

  Matija Bonovil - bubnjevi  (drums) Elvis Jazvac - klavijature, 
and Denis Plavetić na gitara

Tekst na hrvati:

Kad ustanes, sine, prvo se prekrsti
kad podjes da legnes, nek te cuva Bog
i nauci svoje sinove i kceri
bogati su koliko ljube bliznjeg svog


Reci svojoj deci koji su nam preci
i kraljice slavne koje su nam bile
i pokazi deci koji su nam sveci
i ikone sto nam bake u amane ostavile

Kad ustanes, sine, prvo se prekrsti
ko te sinoc rani, jutrom mu oprosti
i nauci svoje sinove i kceri
da na ovom svetu svi smo samo gosti
Ref. 2x

A rough English translation:

When you arise, son, first cross yourself
When go to lie down, let God keep you
and teach your sons and daughters
blessings such as love thy neighbor

Tell your children who are our ancestors
and glorious royalty that we were
and show the children who are our saints
icons and to whom our grandmothers left Amens

When you arise, son, first cross yourself
he Who offended you in the night, in the morning forgive
and teach your sons and daughters
that in this world we are only guests

This was Canoval's second video offered to the public, posted in October 2009.  The video itself consists mainly of a background scene and a few experiments with some effects as well as a closing picture with the "Bog i Hrvati" - "God and the Croatians."   That slogan was well recieved among the Croat community, but right away there was the realization that Croats were only a part of the total audience, so there were few more nationalistic slogans attached to these videos.

So now - on to the music itself!

do sljedeći put, blagoslov - until next time, blessings,

Canovals a.k.a. Slavonac

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