Sunday, July 10, 2011

JA SAM TVOJA SUDBINA - I am your destiny

Ivan i Andreja 2008
JA SAM TVOJA SUDBINA ("I am your destiny") is performed by Hrascanski Čestitari. 
Hrašćanski Čestitari je narodni grupa osnovao ih je Ivan Fiolić – Fio 1978 godine s ocem Andrijom Fiolićem. Su snimili 15 albuma i više. Hrascanski Čestitari is a folk group founded by Ivan Fiolić – Fio with his father Andre Fiolić. They have recorded at least 15 Albums. The photo to the right was made at a humanitarian concert in 2008.

"JA SAM TVOJA SUDBINA" was the first video I posted in public on YouTube. I chose this because I liked the words and I liked how this group performed the song.  The style of the music is uspješnica or šlager, about which we will talk more on another occaision.

Tekst na hrvatski:
Kad sam prvi puta draga tebe upoznao
Srce mi je vjeruj draga, jače zakucalo

Ja sam bio plašljivac, mislio sam da ćeš ti moje srce odbiti
Kad sam te zaprosio, ti si odgovorila, ja sam tvoja sudbina

Raduje se srce moje, više nema straha
Svoju ljubav ti si draga meni obećala

Pokraj tvoje kuće draga, lipa procvjetala
A pod lipom našoj sreći, nije bilo kraja

if someone has better translation skills please share with us but on English this is approximately:

When I am first time you dear I meet
my heart is trusting, dear, strongly beating

I was terrified, I thought that you will refuse my heart
When I proposed, you replied, "I am your destiny"

Joyous is my heart, no more afraid
its love for you my dear, is promised

Next to your home dear, a lime tree blossoms
and under the lime tree our happiness knows no bounds

And here finally is the video.


  1. When I saw the English title of this song I expected something else. This is a nice song. Interesting, the music of other cultures. I could learn something here if I'm not careful.

  2. Thank you!! Indeed I hope you learn some things that are pleasurable and fun! You are invited back as often as you wish to return. There is more ahead on a journey through some of the music of the region.