Thursday, July 21, 2011

Silences ,,,

As of precisely 00:01 hours this very morning train horns went silent forever in El Campo, Texas.  Shannon Crabtree writes in the El Campo Leader News  "You’ll still be able to hear the train a comin,’ but those lonesome whistles won’t be a blowin’..."  

There was another silence a few years back.  On Saturday morning the 23rd of June 2007. Bobby Jones, the "Polka King" of Wharton County didn't come to work at radio station KULP and  he hasn't been heard from since.

Wharton police found some car tracks leading down to the Colorado River and a license plate from his car but that's all.  The river was high and it was a long time before the search could really get under way in the river.  

On the State of Texas Missing Persons bulletin his is case MO706013.
Race: White Sex: Male DOB 8/13/1958 Age Missing:48
Height 5ft 7 in Weight:185 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green
last seen: 6/22/2007 in Wharton County.
May have been traveling in a red 1993 Chevrolet four door
Lumina bearing Texas plates F37YHR.

There was a lot chatter about all this for a while.  Gossip and such too.  Maybe too much chatter and too much gossip. Last time,  I mentioned a certain silence between me and Clint Robinson about this.  Some of us just don't talk about this much anymore.  We would probably rather take a few seconds of silence and remember this fellow who was once among us.  Other than that the public liked the man and he played pretty good music, the fact is, this is about all we know. Anyone with any further information about what happened to Bobby Jones ought to call the Wharton County Sheriff's Department at 979 532-1550 and let them in on what they know.

Jim Bordelon, an obvious fan, wrote a poem 
Bobby Jones is Still the King
 (Read with the song Bob Wills Is Still The King in mind)

Bobby Jones
Well the polka halls in Texas
 Are the places we call home
 And since we live in Texas
 There is no need to roam

We grew up ’round polka dancing
 And the girls we love to swing
 It don’t matter who’s playin’ polka
 Bobby Jones is still the king

Well I can still remember
 The times we danced all night
 And if Bobby Jones was playing
 Everything would sound all right

You can listen to the Dujka Brothers
 And the “Ravens” and “Hobos” sing
 But no matter who’s in Texas
 Bobby Jones is still the king

From the 88 Lodge in Houston
 All the way to San Antone
 To the KC Hall in Sealy
 To a place we call Sweet Home

In every hall in Texas
 And everywhere in between
 When polka music’s playin’
 Bobby Jones is still the king

When you hear the polka music
 You dance with a three-step pace
 The sound of Bobby’s accordion
 Puts a smile on every face

No matter what band is playin’
 When the polka music rings
 And you’re talking polka music
 Bobby Jones is still the king

Well if you ain’t never heard him
 Well you just haven’t heard the best
 But if you’ve heard his band a-playin’
 You know he’s better than all the rest

It’s the home of polka music
 Where the bands make your heart sing
 But no matter who’s in Texas
 Bobby Jones is still the king

I don't know about Bobby Jones being "The King" and all that, but whatever you thought about Bobby, there is no doubt Bobby Jones was one of ours and he was a pretty good musician.  I think about everybody misses that big old smile he usually had when he was out among us.   Here is a video Dennis Svatek came up with over on his Texczechpolka channel on YouTube.  Dennis tells  us that this was Recorded at the SPJST Lodge 88 in Houston in May of 1985.  This has Bobby Jones - Accordion and vocals, Dennis Svatek - Trumpet, Joe Zetka Sr. - Trumpet, Teresa Zetka - Bass, Joe Zetka Jr. - Guitar, and Harvey Fajkus on the Drums.

do sljedeći put, blagoslov - until next time, blessings,

Canovals a.k.a. Slavonac

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