Wednesday, August 27, 2014

the more you watch...the less you know

A bit of musical history today about a CD which was important in its time. "the more you watch...the less you know" with Danny Schechter as executive producer and Bill Adler as producer was mastered by Joe Lede in synergy with the Media and Democracy Conference in October of 1997.
"the more you watch...the less you know" is difficult to find now so, if you have it, you might want to hang on to it.  It is almost an orpahn CD.  It is difficult even to find a catalogue listing for it anymore because the company which handled it is, alas, no more, a victim of "downsizing" in the recession.  It was distributed by Mouth Almighty Records, a Mercury label which Mercury ditched in about December 1999 when Seagrams bought out Polygram which owned Mercury.

The tracks on this CD include names which were important back in 1997 and are still very much a part of us in the early twenty first century.  Included are names like Wammo, Leonard Cohen, Nenad Bach, Allen Ginsberg, Bruce Springsteen and more.  

Here is a photo from the covers: 

and here is a photo from the inside:

Look at those tracks!  Prizes for anyone's collection!

do sljedeći put, blagoslov - until next time, blessings,
David Byler a.k.a. Canovals
27. kolovoz 2014

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