Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I know I'm behind.  There's so many things I haven't told you about.  There has been a lot going on and That's why I have not had time to write here.  I haven't finished writing about what happened in Washington a few months ago much less mentioned anything about Nenad Bach's movie in Houston, Adriatica, or the President's speech in Houston last month.  There's more beside those things too.  Soon.  ?  Maybe soon. I hope.

Today I've been waiting. Frustrated. Tense.  Tired.  Waiting for some data that I needed four years ago.  "I'll have to get back to you on that."  Urrrgggghhh.  I waited yesterday too, and the day before, and for several years before that. This week I have been trying to keep all the channels of communication open so  maybe this time I can have the data I need.  Waiting is boring so I decided to do something more or less productive while I wait.I decided to root around in some numbers which, as far as I know, no one else has available, not even Google/YouTube.

About this time last year I reported that Croatian YouTube channels had amassed approximately three hundred million views since 2006 when YouTube came into being.  At the time, I was impressed with what we had done as a group in those few years.  Of course we aren't a group. We are competitors in an open field and he/she who does good work and promotes it well is rewarded with views.  Most of us don't make any money from our efforts.  Our reward is mostly just from promoting the music and the musicians from our beloved Croatia.  Of course, We video producers don't mind a few accolades along the way.

A year ago, I only had about seventy channels on my chart. I had missed a few - there are 850 channels on the chart now and I still find a new channel once in a while to add to the list.  There isn't any way to find all the Croatian Channels because we are all over the world.  Yes Terka from Slovakia, you are on my chart because you illustrate so many Croatian songs. If a Croatian Channel is connected to others then I have a fair chance of finding it.  No one is paying me to keep the chart so if there are some omissions or inaccuracies, I'm sorry but I'm trying my best just because I want to know the data.

Where a year ago  I was so proud that we had three hundred million views, our number one channel has over four hundred million views.  As of today, as a group we have passed over TWO BILLION 500 MILLION views on YouTube.

Among us, the average channel has about 2,941,176 views.  The top 133 channels are above and 717 channels are below that number.   The median is about 360,000 views.  The smallest channel has about 50 views and the largest has about 400 million views.

In the for what its worth department, YouTube keeps yammering  about how we should get our "subscribers" up.  Here is what I see from the chart:  channels with more subscribers are either at the top of the chart or they are edging their way up.  Channels with the high rates of new subscribers are jumping up the chart.  Number one on the chart has gone from 0 subscribers to about two million in a year and a half. YouTube knows what they are talking about and it takes great material to get subscribers and keep them.  All in all we are doing a good job in that regard. Look at the results!

TWO BILLION FIVE HUNDRED MILLION views as of today.  Way to go Croats!

do sljedeći put, blagoslov - until next time, blessings,

David Byler a.k.a. Canovals

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  1. You work so hard on your YouTube channel and you are so good to share your findings with all of us. Thank you.

    1. Molim! The data I presented is rapidly changing but the trends remain about the same. Croats are presenting themselves very strongly in the communications field right now.