Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Prelude in D minor - Johann Sebastian Bach

After going on and on about how great Bach was, that he wrote over eleven hundred compositions, and a cantata for every Sunday and feast day of the year, The IMdb concludes their article on Johann Sebastian Bach by saying: "Bach's music was used in hundreds of films, thousands of stage productions, and continues being played all over the world."

Well, duh! Of course everyone uses his music. The man has been dead long enough that his music falls outside the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Un-copyrighted music is the stuff that film-makers everywhere feed on. Yeah, it's used in hundreds of films and will be used in hundreds more no matter how good or bad he was.

Of course this dead Bach is marvelous. Did you know there is a living Bach whose music is also marvelous? While the modern Bach works in a completely different genre and style he has gained a level of popularity. Stay tuned here in the coming weeks and we'll talk at some length about Nenad Bach who is very much alive and whose music has also appeared in a number of movies.

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