Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Man Who Would Be King

The whole world is watching the American election process, perhaps more than usual this year. It seems that there are some out in the world who would cash in on the turbulence of the political season this year.

At about 3:00 pm Zagreb time 13, 10, 2016, according to HRT Vijesti who quote Nedeljnik, ie Newsweek, Donald Trump had an interview with Nedeljnik in which he purportedly said:

"izvinio Srbima zbog bombardovanja i najavio novu politiku prema Balkanu ukoliko on pobedi". "Bombardovanje Srba, koji su bili naši saveznici u oba svetska rata, bilo je velika greška. Srbi su veoma dobri ljudi. Nažalost, Klintonova administracija nanela im je dosta zla, ali i čitavom Balkanu, od kojeg su napravili haos", rekao je Tramp za Nedeljnik.

On se izvinio Srbima zbog američke - a posebno Klintonove - politike prema Srbima i najavio da će ukoliko postane predsednik "ojačati našu vezu sa vladom u Beogradu"

 "Republican candidate for US president Donald Trump apologized to Serbia and the Serbs about the bombing in 1999 and announced a new foreign policy towards the Balkans if he becomes President of America, published in the Belgrade weekly Weekly.
"The bombing of the Serbs, who were our allies in both World Wars, it was a big mistake. The Serbs are very good people. Unfortunately, the Clinton administration caused them a lot of harm, but also throughout the Balkans, from which they made chaos", quoted Trump on the website weekly, which announced an exclusive interview.

American billionaire and Republican candidate for the first US leader in an exclusive interview with the Belgrade weekly magazine, said it would "strengthen the relationship of the United States with the government in Belgrade." At the same time, Trump called the voters of the Serbian diaspora in several major US states Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan, to vote for him."

When we track the story and hear from Marko Prelevic, editor or Nedeljnik, we find that Vladimir Rajcic, a Serbian-American who is running for the office of President in Serbia created the story. Rajcic, who was born in Pec 7 May 1974, claims to be an actor but the only credits I can find for him on IMdb is that he owns his own production company VPR. Studios Production with his younger brother Predrag Rajcic and that he once played in a "big" rock band back in Serbia.

Suzanne Jaworowski from the Trump campaign announced that no such interview ever took place. "It is a fabrication," she said. Campaign spokesperson Jason Miller said in a statement. “This was a hoax and we look forward to a retraction and an apology from all involved.”

There you have it. A non-acting actor who once played in a "big band" and who desperately wants to make a name for himself conjured up a story. The man reminds me of Kiplings "The Man Who Would Be King." The not too scrupulous editor of a less than scrupulous newspaper published the story to increase circulation by cashing in on the recent anti-Biden protests in Belgrade during which Biden was greeted by crowds wearing Trump tee-shirts.

Before you let your blood boil like mine did when I read the first reports, be smarter than I was and check out all the facts.

Some post production corrections. I did finally find Vladimir Rajčić in 2012 playing bass guitar in a band called Kraljevski Apartman for two of their numbers: Igre bez pravila, and Long Live Rock 'n' Roll, neither of which became popular enough to find their way to iTunes. He has also played a role in two different movies for which he wrote both the screenplay and produced as well. Serbian Scars and he has played some roles for TV, so I stand corrected.
Serbian Scars Alex Obilich
2006 CSI: Miami (TV Series) Agent
- Death Pool 100 (2006) ... Agent
2006 Entourage (TV Series) Jack
- One Day in the Valley (2006) ... Jack
2006 Desperate Housewives (TV Series) Bart
- There Is No Other Way (2006) ... Bart (uncredited) 2005 Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous Cameraman (uncredited)
2004 Million Dollar Baby Yugoslavian Judge (uncredited)
2004 Charmed (TV Series) TV Reporter
- The Bare Witch Project (2004) ... TV Reporter 2004 Method & Red (TV Series) Steve
- Well, Well, Well (2004) ... Steve (uncredited) 2004 Strong Medicine (TV Series) Reunion Friend Dave - Positive Results (2004) ... Reunion Friend Dave 2004 The Division (TV Series)
Det. O'Brian - The Kids Are Alright (2004) ... Det. O'Brian (uncredited) 2004 NCIS (TV Series) Agent Mark1
- Missing (2004) ... Agent Mark1
2004 Hustle (TV Series) Mario
- A Touch of Class (2004) ... Mario
2004 Monk (TV Series) SFP Detective - Mr. Monk and the Captain's Wife (2004) ... SFP Detective.

I cannot verify any of these claims however as Valdimir's name seems not to appear on the IMdb's listings of the actors in any of these shows

I do not think that I owe the man an apology. There is an apparently self planted story at Filmofilia aimed at promoting himself for Angelina Jolie's film shot in the region. Someone commented on Filmofilia saying "This guy is a shameless slef-promoter that pays to have stories written like this, and then leaves comments like above while pretending to be other people." Likely today's story is not his first attempt to plant a story for his self aggrandizement.

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