Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Krásná pasačka - The Beautiful Shepherdess

A few minutes ago I am writing "Sada možda ćemo gledati okolo i naći vjenčanje pjesmu pjevati zajedno, zar ne?"  or "now perhaps we look around and find a wedding song to sing together, yes?"Maybe you can tell that I am very displeased and disheartened by how the Supreme Court of the United States ruled this morning.  Maybe you can tell that I am very not happy about how the mob took over the Texas Senate proceedings last night and brought an end to orderly democratic proceedings in this once wonderful Texas.  We Croats, together with the Czechs and Slovaks and Slovenes and the Polish people struggled for five hundred years to help bring about a wonderfully free and delightful civilization in this place only to see it crumbled in one night by these pro-death hoodlums from out of town.   All we have left now is our faith in God, and our music.
Our faith in God.  Our music.  What a treasure.   The scum can take everything away from us and still we have faith and our music.  They cannot take these from us as long as we live.
So we find a sweet love song, perhaps even it is a wedding song, who knows?   I used to hear this song on radio when I was very young.  Its on czech language.  The Beautiful Shepherdess - Krásná pasačka.  Its a song about a peaceful quiet time.  Its a song about youth.  Its a song about love. 
As you listen - imagine yourself in a wooden rocker on a covered porch.  We are looking across the yard, past the fence, down into the pasture just a short distance.  The pasture slopes away from us down to the creek perhaps a hundred yards away.  There just beyond the creek is a grove of vigorous young maples, delightfully green.   A lovely young lady comes into view just beyond the yard fence.   Her geese are ahead of her a few feet, walking, running, playing, eating a snatch of grass, chasing bugs - doing what it is that geese do.  A young man, perhaps near her age, approaches and he says to her " Dej mi hubičku můj andělíčku
         by se slavíček neprobudil"

Ah now!  Here are the words on czech language how the song is sung:
1. [: Krásná pasačka husičky pásla
   v zeleném háji pod javorem :]
   [: Dej mi hubičku můj andělíčku
   by se slavíček neprobudil :]
2. [: Tichá hubička přece slavíčka
   v zeleném háji probudila :]
   [: Vyletěl výše zazpíval tiše
   krásná pasačka zaplakala :]
3. [: Proč ty slavíčku ty malý ptáčku
   proč děláš malé pasačce bol :]
   [: Mějme se rádi, dokud jsme mladí
   dokud nás láska k sobě svádí :]

and here they are again on english language:
Beautiful shepherdess grazing geese
down below is the green maple grove
Give me a kiss my little angel
don't wake up the nightingale
a silent song sang the nightingale
waking in the green groves
singing quietly she flew above
the beautiful shepherdess cried
why nightingale are you a little bird
why is the cowherd small
Let us be happy while we are young
while our love brings us together

and here is the song:

do sljedeći put, blagoslov - until next time, blessings,

Canovals a.k.a. Slavonac
26  Lipanj 2013


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