Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ej Od Buchlova - Květa Černá

Yes, I know this is on Czech language.   So why am I publishing this song on You Tube and Facebook and everywhere? First, notice the sahnovica hrvatska which the Czech eagle wears. The eagle is telling you something. It's up to you to go find out what he is saying. Most importantly, "Ej Od Buchlova" is part of my Texas heritage from my youth.   On the now gone and mostly remembered here Radio Station KFRD in Rosenberg, Texas, the Croatian DJ for the early morning show (almost daylight to 9:00 Am show) used to play this in honor of engagements and weddings that people told him about among the Slavic communities in those parts in those days..

I always wanted to dedicate this song to someone.   For all the years I listened to KFRD in the mornings early, I never had someone who would in any way appreciate the song.   KFRD is gone now, but I am still around after more than 60 years since I first heard the song.   Sad, da?  Istina?  Ne!  Now I have my someone.   I have my precious Teryne who loves me and who puts up with me. Today is Dan Valentinovo.   Teryne is my Valentine.   Now this song at last has my someone for whom I wish to dedicate it.

"Ej Od Buchlova" is a traditional wedding festivity song.   It commemorates a far away castle - at Castle Buchlov in Czech lands.   Far away and romantic.   Perhaps a place one could escape to with his bride, who knows?    We are still in our honeymoon.  Perhaps we shall always be in our honeymoon.  Perhaps someday we shall escape to Castle Buchlov and enjoy the beauty and the solitude there for ourselves.  Who knows?   We might you know...  At least we have the song ... and the romance ...

On English language, the words are more or less:
Ej, the wind is blowing from the town of Buchlov and it’s ruffling Kathy’s ribbons. 
Today a bride, tomorrow a woman, tonight you’ll start wearing the married woman’s bonnet.
1.You are Kathy a white rose, you didn’t need a man, 
you could have enjoyed freedom like the fish in clear water.
2.You are, Martin, a green tree, you didn’t need a wife.
You could have walked around free, like a pigeon on the roof

Of course on Czech language 
Ej, od Buchlova větr věje
už tej Kačence pantle bere
/: Dneska nevěsta, zajtra žena,
dnes večer budeš začepená :/

Ty si Kačenko bílá růža
tobě nebylo třeba muža
/: Tys mohla chodit po slobodě,
jak ta rybička v bystrej vodě :/

Ty si Martine strom zelený
tobě nebylo třeba ženy
/: Tys mohl chodit po galánkách,
jak ten holúbek po hambálkách :/

God's Blessings my darling Teryne ,,,,,,,,
yours David

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